Imaging Systems Technology (IST) is a woman-owned small business founded in 1997 that designs and manufactures electronic systems. IST is located in Toledo, Ohio and our building is situated 1 mile west of the University of Toledo, right off the Technology Corridor. We are an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company. Our team includes scientists, engineers, and technicians from various backgrounds with various degrees including Doctorates, Masters, and Bachelors of Science.

Capabilities include high speed analog and digital design, sensors, flat panel displays, image processing and display peripherals, layout and packaging, and reverse engineering. We provide military and industrial markets with contract research, electronic design services, and niche products. Through out IST’s history, we have been involved in engineering design services. We offer services in reverse engineering, product development, and simple proof of concept projects.

In addition to the VectorVGA Pro series of scan convertors IST also offers many other products and services.

Engineering Services

Imaging Systems Technology (IST) offers ISO 9001:2009 compliant engineering services. Services include full electrical design, contract research and design, displays and display peripherals, and reverse engineering.

More information can found in our Engineering Services Brochure.

Electronics Services

Throughout IST’s history, we have been involved in engineering design services. We offer services in reverse engineering, product development, and simple proof of concept projects. In order to make sure customers get the best service, IST achieved ISO 9001:2008 in 2009. Some of our large reverse engineering jobs have included product tear down and analysis of plasma and LCD displays.

For more information please visit on our Electronics Design Services Page.

ISTTouch Screens

In 1998, IST developed the world’s first touch screen that was over 28″ in diagonal. This touch system was developed for Litton, and was used with the first 42″ plasma display commercially available. Since 1998, IST has made and sold thousands of touch screens ranging in size from 30″ to 150″ diagonals. End users, amoung others, has included national TV stations, Sprint PCS stores, Hilton resorts, and sports and weather broadcasters. IST provides both dual touch and single touch systems. IST’s design team can have a custom touch screen delivered to a client in 4-5 weeks after an order.

Please visit the ISTTouch website or view our Touch Screen Brochure for more information.

Bosch EOL Testers

Since 1999, IST has been delivering End of Line (EOL) testing solutions for Bosch’s Rear Parking Aid Test box, and a custom designed software to test functionality of lamps. We have delivered solutions to the top second tier suppliers to the automotive industry, our products are used daily on automotive manufacturing lines.

Visit the EOL Tester Product Page for more information.


In 2000, IST began development of flexible displays made with hollow gas encapsulated shells. These shells are called Plasma-shells™. Plasma-shells™ may be fabricated in custom sizes and shapes and out of many materials. The flexible display effort at IST has led to many other applications for IST’s Plasma-shells™. These have included RF detection, RF shielding, UV and IR scene generation and UV water purification.

The data sheets below detail the different uses for our Plasma-shell™ technology:

IST Plasma-shells™ Display
IST Plasma-shells™ Lighting Applications
RF Detection using IST Plasma-shells™
UV Light Sources with IST Plasma-shells™
Use of Plasma-shells™ for Control of Waterborne Contaminants

Deep Springs Technology

In 2005, IST spun off a second company, Deep Springs Technology (DST), to incorporate hollow spheres in non-electrical applications. DST is currently under contract to fabricate hollow spheres for use in armor systems, buoyancy, and aerospace applications.

Please visit TeamDST.com for more information on Deep Springs Technology.