Avionics & HUD

The VectorVGA Pro Scan Convertor allows stroke video signals from legacy avionics and head-up display (HUD) generators to be displayed on modern raster displays. The VectorVGA Pro convertor can be used as a stand-alone video format convertor, incorporated into form-fit-function (FFF) replacement displays, or integrated with other video components to provide features such as static overlays and dynamic raster video mixing for custom applications.More Information on Avionics & HUD


XY displays are vital components in many radar systems but are now nearly impossible to replace with legacy CRT units. The XY display has been a major liability for maintenance crews, depot sustainment facilities, and obsolescence engineers. IST has experience with radar A-scopes, A/R-scopes, R-scopes, C-scopes, and much more.More Information on Radar

Electronic Warfare

XY displays were used in many electronic warfare (EW) systems to provide high-resolution display of arbitrary graphics and waveforms. The VectorVGA Pro stroke to raster scan convertor keeps legacy systems working when the CRT display is unavailable.More Information on Electronic Warfare

Test Equipment

XY displays were used extensively in high-cost test equipment of the 1970s to 1990s such as vector network analyzers (VNA), spectrum analyzers (SA), and communications test equipment. The VectorVGA Pro stroke to raster scan convertor provides a range of solutions to replace XY displays that are increasingly difficult to obtain.More Information on Test Equipment

XY Displays

IST makes form-fit-function (FFF) replacement displays for hard-to-find legacy XY displays (also known as stroke-writing, vector, calligraphic, XYZ, and random scan monitors). XY displays are used in many applications that use stroke video format including: avionics and head-up displays (HUD),ground test equipment, radar, electronic warfare (EW), test equipment, and other types of equipment. IST works with any application and form factor.More Information on XY Displays